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WELCOME to the Highland Middle School website!!  Our goal is to keep families updated on all the latest events taking place at HMS.    The Mission of ACS is to inspire, encourage and support every student to achieve at high levels academically and socially as responsible citizens by doing whatever it takes.
I believe I will Catch Up, Keep Up, Move Up

HMS Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Donna Wicker:  Department Chair, 7th Grade Counselor

Contact Info: 641-2059, Ext. 1027


Mrs. Jenny Zabel:  6th Grade Counselor    

Contact Info: 641-2059, Ext. 1802


Mrs. Danielle Tschida:   8th Grade Counselor

Contact Info:  641-2059, Ext. 1088


The counselors are pleased to announce this month’s nominations for Student of the Month.  For February, teachers were asked to nominate a student who has displayed lots of GRIT.  Grit can be defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”  This means students who never give up and are willing to see a project through to the end have grit.   Although there are many, many students at Highland who have Grit, we are especially proud of the students who were nominated by their teachers.


8th Grade:  Cristian Cruz, Lyric Edwards, Sydney Fletcher, Antoinette German, Timerah Golden, Ja’Mya Hudson, Michael Johnson, Xavier Patton, Jordan Patterson, Mekiha Peak, Kaylie Vaughn, Hailey Weaver, and Koral Wheeler.


7th Grade:  Cameela Allen, Aliyah Brewer, Kieran Bridgeman, Tre’Nyce Cole, David Erb, Gavin Fouts, Joel Garrido-Reyes, Alyssa Grider, Taha’an Gordon, Evan Henry, Ja’Quan Ingram, RJ Nunn, Eduardo Oliva-Rodriguez, Dottie Parker, Jerome Starks, and Keirstin Waymire.


6th Grade:  Ashonti Anderson, Dioselin Anorve, Ashlie Arteritano, Marcos Colunga, Omayra Cruz-Cruz, Brooke Dixon, Dameko Fields, Josilyn Funk Stanley, Cole Griffith, Donovan Harbour, Thomas McCoy, Savannah Phillips, Joselin Rivera Garcia, Talaysha Simonds, , Diego Velazquez-Perez, and Iyonia Wills. 


  Congratulations to all of these nominated students.