Test Taking Tips


§ Be positive; tell yourself that you will do great. A positive attitude equals positive results. Start now being positive.

§ Get plenty of sleep the night before the test. Make sure you go to bed early so you will have energy in the morning to do your best on the test.

§ The morning of the test: wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, brush your teeth, don’t miss the bus, and start thinking positively about the test.

§ Make sure you have all your test supplies together and you get to school on time.

§ Use the process of elimination on multiple choice questions. After you have read the question, read all the answers and eliminate the answers that are definitely wrong.

§ If you finish the test early, recheck and check to make sure you have answered all the questions.

§ Read the question and make sure you understand what the question is asking. Be sure that your response answers that question.

§ When using scratch paper on a math test, double-check to make sure you have copied the problem correctly. If your answer does not match one of the choices, reread the problem and try to solve again.

§ Keep a positive attitude throughout the entire test and try to stay relaxed. If you start getting nervous, take some deep breaths and keep trying your best.

§ Check your spelling and grammar. Proof-reading your work can save and gain you serious points on the test.

§ Pace yourself and don’t rush. Read the entire question and pay attention to details.

§ Don’t worry if others finish before you. Focus on the test that is in front of you.

§ When taking the test, be sure to answer all questions, even those that are difficult for you. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

§ Eat healthy before the test. Having healthy food in your stomach will boost your energy and help your focus.

§ Don’t stress about the test. The test covers information about skills that you should have already learned in school.

§ Focus on the test and the questions. Don’t let your mind wander about other things.

§ If you encounter an essay question which you don’t understand, write something that is about the topic anyway. You may earn some partial credit.

§ With multiple choice questions, read all answers before making your final decision. Use the process of elimination if necessary and choose the best answer.

§ Drink water!! Water is important for concentration and mental alertness.

§ Eat a healthy dinner the night before the test and then wake up and eat a healthy breakfast that has lots of protein. This feeds your brain and gets you energized to be successful on the test.