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WELCOME to the Highland Middle School website!!  Our goal is to keep families updated on all the latest events taking place at HMS.    The Mission of ACS is to inspire, encourage and support every student to achieve at high levels academically and socially as responsible citizens by doing whatever it takes.
I believe I will Catch Up, Keep Up, Move Up

Welcome to Career Exploration, Personal Finance and Business Information Technology

Meet Your Teachers:
Mrs. Tammy Wiley Mr. Josh Isenberg Mr. Grant Fulton
twiley@acsc.net jisenberg@acsc.net gfulton@acsc.net
Welcome!   We hope everyone is having a great year.  We look forward to working with you and helping you improve your computer skills.  For those of you who are new to our classes, we use CANVAS in class every day.  You will need your PowerSchool user name and password to log-in.

Parent-Teacher Relationship: This relationship is vital to your student’s educational success.  It's very important you stay involved and are aware of your student's progress.  To help keep you involved, we will provide several parent opportunities throughout the year.  You will be notified of these opportunities by letters home, email, or phone alert messages. . 

Student Academic Progress: You should always be informed of your student's progress.  By connecting to the Power School Parent web site, you can access your student's grades, attendance/tardy record and discipline file.  You will need to have your user name and password to log in.  Your login information is usually printed on your student’s report card or you can contact the school office and they will give it to you. 

Computer Classes: We believe all students can learn despite possible obstacles.  In a computer lab, the main obstacle will always be the …COMPUTER.  As the teacher, we will remind students that the rule is always WORK BEFORE PLAY.  Students who have difficulty with this rule will struggle passing the class.  We will also do our best to give your student the necessary information to complete all assignments within a reasonable time.  Computer classes function just like any other class.  We enforce rules and policies that ensure appropriate treatment for teachers, students and equipment. You should have received a copy of our classroom policies and procedures as well as a copy of the ACS Student Handbook that outlines the Internet Acceptable User Policy.  All students are expected to "live" within those policies.

Make-Up Work:  When your student misses class for any reason, it is their responsibility to make-up the work they miss.  All work can be found on CANVAS and should be submitted within a reasonable amount of time.  In most cases, assignments assigned during the first half of the grading period must be submitted by mid-term.  Assignments assigned after mid-term must be submitted by the end of the grading period.

Questions/Concerns:  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.  We will be happy to help.  Email is the best way to contact us.  Thank you in advance for your support and commitment throughout the year.